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vt (lit) textual content, novel → übersetzen; to translate a textual content from German (in)to English → einen Textual content aus dem Deutschen ins Englische übersetzen; it is translated as … → es wird mit … übersetzt

(fig) → übertragbar sein; the novel didn’t translate quickly into monitor phrases → es war nicht einfach, aus dem Roman einen Movie zu machen; How can that translate into funds? → was kommt geldmäßig dabei heraus?

move, displace - induce to maneuver or shift into a new posture or position, equally within a concrete and in an abstract feeling; "Shift Individuals boxes into the corner, make sure you"; "I am shifting my revenue to another financial institution"; "The director moved much more tasks onto his new assistant"

two. a version of a ebook, a thing reported and so on, in A different language. He gave me an Italian translation of your Bible. vertaling تَرْجَمَه превод tradução překlad die Übersetzung oversættelse μετάφρασηtraducción tõlge نسخه käännös traductionתרגום अनुवाद prijevod (le)fordítás terjemahan þÿðing traduzione 訳本 번역본 vertimas tulkojums terjemahan vertalingoversettelseprzekładvertisement نسخه tradução traducere перевод; толкование preklad prevod prevod översättning หนังสือหรือบางสิ่งที่แปลเป็นอีกภาษาหนึ่ง çeviri 譯本 переклад کتاب کا نسخہ bản dịch 译本

1. the act of translating. The translation of poetry is tough. vertaling تَرْجَمَه превеждане tradução překládání die Übersetzung oversættelse μετάφρασηtraducción tõlkimine ترجمه kääntäminen traductionתרגום अनुवाद, भाषान्तर prevođenje (le)fordítás penerjemahan þÿðing traduzione 翻訳 번역 vertimas tulkošana penterjemahan vertalingoversettelseprzekładvert ژباړه tradução traducere перевод preklad prevajanje prevođenje översättning การแปล çevirme 翻譯 переклад ترجمہ نگاري sự dịch, việc dịch 翻译

The power in this article established might be rendered an extremely convenient instrument of justice, and become specially helpful within the borders of contiguous States, where the consequences liable to justice could possibly be quickly and secretly translated, website in almost any phase of the procedure, in just a overseas jurisdiction.

Below are a few of the commonest scenarios wherever integrating automatic translation (aka equipment translation) can be employed to Charge-properly scale the arrive at and affect within your organization throughout multiple languages.

Those who are translated beings are said to get "altered to ensure that they do not practical experience pain or Dying until eventually their resurrection to immortality."[two] Both of those translated and resurrected beings are eternally young and in shape, not topic to health issues or damage and invest their existences as ministering angels performing things that need Bodily bodies to perform; such as, in which a disembodied spirit can report gatherings like a witness and provide ease and comfort or tips, a Bodily system is needed to accomplish ordinances for instance laying on of fingers.

I inform them to drag really hard Which at the end of the working day's journey they're going to have A lot relaxation and refreshment," he translated to Professor Bumper and also the others.

Search for the translations of text and expressions in the Larousse and SYSTRAN specialized dictionaries.

These serve as a dummy "driver" for Akai and Emu samplers, for those who hook them up directly to your Laptop or computer. When Windows sees the samplers, it would like a driver - select this file.

a one who interprets. vertaler مُتَرْجِم преводач tradutor překladatel, -ka der/die Übersetzer(in) oversætter; translatør μεταφραστήςtraductor tõlkija مترجم kääntäjä traducteur/-trice מתרגם अनुवादक prevodilac fordító penerjemah þÿðandi traduttore, traduttrice 翻訳家 번역사 vertėjas tulkotājs penterjemah vertaleroversettertłumacz ژباړونکی tradutor tra­ducător переводчик prekladateľ prevajalec prevodilac översättare นักแปล çevirmen 翻譯師,譯者 перекладач مترجم، ترجمہ نگار biên dịch viên 翻译者,译员

(fig) → übertragen; to translate feelings into action → Gefühle in die Tat umsetzen; to translate a novel right into a film → aus einem Roman einen Film machen; could you translate that into funds terms? → lässt sich das geldmäßig ausdrücken?

We could also evaluate the text As outlined by your enterprise’s own variations guides, glossaries and pointers to make certain that your translated documents fit in with your company society and tone of voice.

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